Gulp: Here is My “Listen to Your Mother” Performance!

Okay, as much as I struggle with my Mickey Mouse voice and lunch-lady arms, here I am in all my glory!

(At one point there is loud chuckling where I say “this is so much fun” but it didn’t really get picked up on the audio so it appears that the audience is laughing AT me and not WITH me. I am pretty sure that is not the case. They were absolutely lovely and I had the time of my life!)

The videos are being uploaded city by city and posted on LTYM’s site. There are also playlists on YouTube and videos of my amazing Chicago cast family listed here. Please be sure to pour yourself a glass of wine and watch them — you will laugh and cry your heart out!

Without further ado or babble…


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Starting My Own Urban Legend

Do you remember the email chains about a knife-wielding killer who would hang out in the back seats of unsuspecting women’s cars? It freaked me out so much that I always glanced in my windows before getting into my car.

Those days were over once I had kids and a minivan.

I figured that I had a better chance of getting out alive than the poor sap/murderer with fruit snacks stuck on his ass — dizzy from the stench of moldy sports bottles and random socks.

However, due to recent sighting at Wal-Mart, I am paranoid all over again…


This haunts me. I can’t peel my eyes away from Dora’s Incredible-Hulk-GI-Joe-Kung-Fu-Grip-for-sippy-cup hands.

And I had another scare in my own rear-view mirror:

Junior allegedly playing his DS under a sheet. “Mom, it’s my portable man cave.”


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