Happy Booby Birthday

Apparently my birthday wish for a boob job backfired. Instead, I was greeted this morning with a booby trap MacGyvered out of paper, tape, streamers and rubber balls that missed falling on my head by one inch. Thanks, Junior!

 After I regained consciousness, I was serenaded by Missy with a really sweet song that she wrote just for me! And then she made this fab birthday cake:

Wonder what will happen next year when I wish for a tummy tuck?

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  1. Patty

    So cute! How thoughtful your kids are. I especially like the design on the cake. Hope it was a good day all around!

  2. Karen

    Thanks, Patty — it was a great day to be 29 again (and again). The cake decor was edible paper that Missy found at the Wilton tent sale — delish!

  3. T

    So cool! And, of course, so creative! Not to mention industrious…how did she get to the tent sale, let alone know about it. Very industrious indeed! You are a lucky mommy-boobs or no boobs!
    Happy belated!

  4. Karen

    I am very lucky! Tom’s sisters are wonderful and coordinate a shopping trip each June. Otherwise, Missy would probably hitch-hike.

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