Am I Chasing a Dream or Having a Hot Flash?

Apparently, writing is a lot like kegel exercises: if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. (Or pee yourself upon sneezing.)

I’m feeling a bit rusty and embarrassed for not posting in a while. The real kicker is that I actually made a resolution for 2012 to write more and get outside my comfort zone. I was even stupid enough to announce it to my local blogging community so that I could be held accountable. Now I just look like an ass since I haven’t written in forever.

But the truth is that when it comes to my goals, they slip down the priority scale of every day life. I’m not playing the mommy martyr card. It’s just what happens with every day shenanigans when you are the glue for your family. But I am at the point in my life that I either have to get a boob job or do something self-fulfilling before I have a midlife crisis. (The whole boyfriend thing is out due to my lack of grooming in the winter.)

Tired of listening to my own snivel, I am putting myself out there — hairy pits and all:

1) I am going to be one of the featured bloggers for my local online newspaper.  I’ll share the link once it’s live and before it gets banned for being inappropriate.

2)  I am auditioning next weekend for Chicago’s stop of the “Listen to Your Mother” show. It’s a national series of live readings by local writers in celebration of Mother’s Day. All the proceeds for this show are being donated to Bright Pink in honor of one of our amazing blogging mamas who is fighting breast cancer.

There’s a ton of talent in this area, so it’s a long shot that I will be selected. I haven’t even chosen the piece to get my Jack Kerouac on. *snap*snap* Can you please help me decide in the comment section? I’ve listed my top picks, but jog my memory if there was another post that struck a chord with you in regards to motherhood. Cast your vote:

Holding on to Dear Life while Letting her Go

 Advice to Myself About Middle School

Project Runway Fashion Faux Ma

Help, I am Trapped in the Middle School Drama Club

Doctor’s Orders to Take a Break from Blogging

3) I am attending the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop in April and will probably soil myself from nerves. It’s the only workshop in the country devoted to both humor and human interest writing. One of the keynote speakers on the schedule was author Jeff Zaslow who was killed in a car crash last week. (He wrote The Girls from Ames and The Last Lecture. Chicago folks might remember his advice column “All that Zazz.”)

It was a sad wake-up call for me that life is too short to put off your dreams and reminded me of my all-time favorite quote:

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”
~Erma Bombeck

Damn, it’s good to be back!

Please share and comment. I am needy and hormonal.
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  1. kolo

    Good for you for doing what you need. I totally get the getting stuck in the family glue. Good luck!

  2. Jeanne Marker

    Love your ‘tude, you’ve inspired me, and I’m virtually uninspirable. I’m voting for Holding on to dear life while letting her go.

  3. Elene

    Advice to Myself About Middle School! I’m saving this….I’ll need it in just 3 more short years tha I’m sure will fly by.

    But really, they’re all good………. Thanks for making us all feel normally abnormal!

  4. Arnebya

    I vote for either of the middle school ones b/c both made me laugh out loud. Literally.

    Yes, there is a ton of talented people vying for the same goal, but don’t sell yourself short. You are most definitely a contender. OWN IT! Also, be willing to lock someone in the bathroomif you need to.

  5. Patty

    I love the middle school ones, too, but I’d have to go with the Doctors Orders to Take a Break from Blogging. I can relate to all of them, really.

  6. Karen

    Thanks, I’m gonna need all the luck I can get! Figured I have nothing left to lose at this point. Not even my pride!

  7. Karen

    Thanks for your vote! I’m the queen of good intentions, so let’s see if I can pull this off. If I can do it, anyone can!

  8. Karen

    I’ll have a Middle School Hotline ready for you! Junior starts in three years, just when Missy starts high school. Serenity now!

  9. Karen

    Yes, the confidence is key. I feel goofy even calling myself a writer…

  10. Karen

    Thanks, Patty! I know you can relate and am still waiting for you to write a guest post!

  11. Karen

    How to choose? They’re all so good! But if you’re going for touching I would pick Holding On or for funny then Doctor’s Orders. You inspire me to take a humorous view of the chaos that is my own life. Thank you!

  12. GiGi

    Ummmm, it makes me smile just thinking about picking just one funny story!!! You go and knock all those wonderful goals off your list. Knowing you, you will probably get a great story from one of those experiences… even if it is blowing it off!

  13. Jenn

    Advice to Myself About Middle School is my absolute favorite! Good luck to you in all of your exciting 2012 adventures.

  14. Karen

    Thanks everyone! I’ll let you know how the audition goes if I don’t chicken out~

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