Missy Has Her Dad Wrapped Around Her Little Toe

Tom’s pedicurist earned an additional combat pay for dealing with his toenail shrapnel.

Best dad ever.

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  1. Arnebya

    My husband pretends to dislike the foot rubbage from a stranger, but I know better. First he’d do anything the oldest asks. Second, he likes foot rubbage from a stranger.

  2. Karen

    Haha! Tom felt so badly for the woman who had to work on his feet. Missy was thrilled! They should hook up with your hubby and daughter next time!

  3. Paula @ Frosted Fingers

    My husband would end up knocking someone out if they tried to give him a pedicure. You can’t touch his feet without him kicking out.

  4. Hope

    ha, Tom is such a great dad!!! Would love to see you both soon.

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