Test Marketing My Esty Elf Shop

I’m baaaaaack! Sorry for the writing hiatus and a big thank you to Tom for picking up the slack — and his ex-girlfriend with his last post. Yes, things have been a little nutty with the holidays, my day job and the countless hours it takes to get Junior dressed for hockey.

But truth be told, I have been very busy trying to launch my own handcrafted line of “Buddy the Elf” couture in time for the holidays.


The first version debuted in 2008 at Christmas then had an encore performance the next year at Missy’s school holiday party in 3rd grade:

I think it was shortly thereafter when the school implemented a policy that required that you show your I.D. when volunteering so they could run a background check. Coincidence?

The Elf Project really showcased my mad glue gun and Rit dye skills. In fact, I used the same yellow to make Junior’s infamous Pokemon costume.
For this year’s holiday pub crawl, the outfit was enhanced groin to toe with a rolled-up sock and duct tape shoes:

If my Elf Endeavors don’t work out, I could always use my crafty talents to whip up something like this:

(Thanks to my friend Mike for sending this to me. I didn’t sleep for days!)

Seriously, you have to check out all of the baby Chewie photos by clicking here. A must-have for all the Star Wars fans on your shopping list!

 I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite!

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  1. Maureen & Danny

    You two are priceless, as are the kids for being great sports.
    Dan wants to know if Elf Tom is available in magnets : )

  2. Regina Bradley

    Did you seriously make those yellow pants your husband is sporting? They should be a little tighter and the robe should be shorter. And what’s that glass in his hand in picture #1? Some holiday cheer. He is one good sport. Loved the elf shoes…..

  3. Karen

    Tell Dan that I will add it to the product line!

  4. Karen

    Oh yeah, I dyed the pants. For some reason it was hard to find yellow tights in an XXL tall! He did “enhance” the North Pole with a rolled-up sock for the lady elves…

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