Reason #528 Why I Love My Dad

My favorite light fixture that I have in my dining room is useless. It doesn’t cast a watt of light and makes homework a real joy when the kids can’t see their papers. On the upside, my cooking never looked better and it casts really cool swirly shadows.

My dad the Retired Electrician decided that enough was enough and offered to go to a resale shop to pick up a temporary fixture until I could make up my mind on a brighter replacement. (I have been searching on and off for the past two years.)

“Oh dad, that’s so nice of you,” I stammered. “Maybe I can go with you to help pick it out.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it. I’ll pick up something for five bucks and if you don’t like it, you can donate it back to the resale shop.”

Well, he showed up with something even better: a $3 chandelier!

Hell yeah, I have fake candles in my dining room!

The kids love it. And I am on a mad hunt for its replacement!

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  1. megryansmom

    Awesome! That is so 1980s

  2. Kim Pugliano

    so pretty

  3. Karen

    Would you like it? Please, pretty please?

  4. Karen

    Just like my big hair, there are some things that should stay in the 80s vault!

  5. M. Wiener

    I have had many a fake candle! And now I have not only the fake candle, but mini lamp shades. Thank heavens for advancing technology.

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