The Ultimate Week According to a Nine-Year-Old Boy

Monday: Watch favorite TV show

Tuesday: Make fun of Missy

Wednesday: Sit on the toilet

Thursday: Play hockey or do the hokey pokey (unclear)

Friday: Go to his buddy’s

Saturday: Dork out with Pokemon and Beyblade

Sunday: Repent

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  1. Kim Pugliano

    Make sure he sticks to everything on that calendar. Have him check it off as he goes.

  2. Mel

    Well, let’s face it, without a good poop he’ll never be able to enjoy the rest of it.

  3. Mary Wiener

    O Man! That’s what I forgot to plan for! Poop is good.

  4. Karen

    I have always said that a good poop is very underrated! So glad that I can pass on my values to my son…

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