My Angry Bird

My attempt at transforming this:

into this:

ended up as this:

who went out trick or treating in this:

Apparently wearing a girl’s sweat suit with angel wings and a spray-painted cat mask felt “too awkward.”

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  1. Annemarie

    Ahhhhhh, if only we could see into our future and see what it is that we will waste hours of our time and money and never come to fruition…….. But if we could we might never marry or have kids

  2. chris

    You have to like that he has good instincts!

  3. xyz

    Are you kidding me. If he is anything like his Dad, which he is a clone, he will be hunting down that “Angel/Owl Suit” just dying to wear it. Of course by then his mid-drift will be showing and it will be perrrfect!

  4. Karen

    So very, very true! I’d also skip buying the Ab Roller…

  5. Karen

    He does secretly love to wear the girl’s sweatpants! I think it’s the soft lining. Or the snugness of the crotch. Not really sure where to go on that one!

  6. Karen

    When his friend showed up in a bloody Jason costume, all bets were off for Hedwig/Swan Lake!

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