Halloween Edition: My House of Horrors

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been super busy making casseroles. And being in denial that it’s Halloween. Did it come early this year?

Since times are tough, I’ve decided to give the local Jaycees a run for their money and make my own haunted house. This is what has been going on here…

Stairway to Hell — Enter at Your Own Risk

Terrifying Hoarder Maze aka “Why bother cleaning out the closet when all the crap ends up in the bedroom?”

Backyard Chainsaw Massacre
And from the haunted hallways: Junior screaming, “EW, GROSS MOM! Can’t you close the door while you are doing that!” What could have freaked my 9-year old out so much? The split-second vision of my droopy little boobs while I was changing into my PJs. In my own bedroom. Jerk.

But nothing scares me more than trying to transform this pile of shit into a Hedwig costume for Junior.

Apparently, Hedwig is some white owl from Harry Potter that you could buy a complete costume for online $35. But nooooooooooo! Why would I pay for a costume and shipping when I could just make it myself? $48 and six stores later, I have all the makings for a Swan Lake wardrobe. I gotta get this together or this kid is gonna get beat up and robbed while trick or treating. I am not so worried for his safety as I am about losing all those Twix bars.

Plus, he is still trying to work through the issues of me sending him out a couple of years ago in a homemade Pikachu costume:

If you are looking for some stellar ideas for Halloween parties this weekend, check this out from ChiIL Mom.

Thanks, chiilmama.com!

She sent this in for Weirded Out Wednesday, a new feature that I launched and dropped the ball on the following week. Please visit her blog for “adventures in urban-odd ball-off the wall-alternative-eco-punk parenting in Chi, IL.” Way cooler than me!

I’ve also included some memories from the Ghosts of Halloween past for your browsing enjoyment…
Scariest Halloween Discovery>>
From Most Pathetic to Best Costumes>>
Costumes through the years>>

Have a great weekend. Think of me as I try to give a hoot!


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  1. Donna

    Hi Karen, love the haunted house! You should definitely charge admission! We kind of got one of those Hoarder Mazes going on over here too! The costume idea is great! And, isn’t always the way when you make one it ends up costing more than buying the dumb thing in the first place! I like telling my kids to put on their old clothes ( i.e. anything in their closet) and go as a …….zombie, nerd, bum , just fill in the blank to match what they pick!! Happy Halloween!

  2. Patty

    I can relate to the nightmare of making the homemade costume! And wasting time going to six stores to get things for the ‘simple’ costume. In fact, I’ll probably be calling or stopping by tomorrow begging for help with the disaster I haven’t begun yet. Not that its as complicated as yours, but all crafty things scare me.

  3. annemarie

    You haven’t posted the latest pictures of the sidewalk that i saw yesterday- Yeah -nothing like having 30 2 by 4’s every foot to impale the little ones as the blindly run around on sugar highs

  4. Karen

    Stay tuned, friends! Even Junior has little faith that I am going to get this costume together. (And good news: the sidewalk and porch are fixed. Bad news: no railings for the trick-or-treaters. Oops!)

  5. Kathy McCormick

    I am anxiously awaiting a picture of the finished Hedwig!! It doesn’t even seem like Halloween by us.. girls off at college.. dressing up like slutty taxi drivers, slutty race car drivers, slutty Frankenstein, slutty pirates… u see the theme don’t u? so “enjoy” it now because its over before you know it.. although it certainly doesn’t seem like that now! Happy Halloween!!!

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