Yes, I’m back, checking in once again.   The weight loss is going well, and let’s just leave it at that.  My reasons for writing again are two-fold.  One, my wife just simply is running ragged and doesn’t know which end is up, and two, it’s nice to take a break from the two bawling chicks in our household.

One of the most profound things someone once told me was this simple sentence after about 20 drinks…..”Tommy, my next time around it’s all casseroles and BJ’s.”  It has become a catch phrase by many of our friends.  Sure Jack (Byrnes) was joking, but the frustrations’ of life impacts both spouses and the children at seemingly different times.

This whole middle school thing has been draining on us, and quite frankly ladies (the majority of you that read this are women, and the guys, hang with me here) I really don’t know how you all do it.  I have had tears in our residence probably the last two weeks non-stop, and fortunately none have been by Junior or myself.  Missy is dealing with illness (allergies, hormones, and headupass syndrome), and my wife has been dealing with illness (allergies, hormones, and headupass syndrome).

As you know, Missy is in junior high, and has gotten off to a rough start with allergies, hormones, and headupass syndrome which has been impacting attendance, grades, and the overall sanity in our household.   She is up at 6:00 am, out the door by 6:45 am to hit the bus for early morning choir practice.  After three outfit changes, lunch packing, brushing teeth, and not being able to focus on a goddamn thing,  I end up driving her in the minivan in my “Family Guy” underwear, barefoot, and a “pit stained” wife beater, to the bus stop.   Thank God this shuttle only goes two blocks, but I did pick up another child one morning, and I still am waiting for DCFS to call.  Top it off with her having my organizational skills, losing 25% of her assignments, and her phone being lost/stolen it has got her off to a stellar start on this new great venture.

However, Karen catches the brunt of the pre-teen emotions, as I am normally the one getting in the door 6:00 pm and wanting to be like Ward Cleaver when I walk in the house.   Most times it is, because the 1st wave of the drama has already subsided.   Missy is doing homework, and Junior is in his “Man Cave” and won’t come up to say hello until he is hungry, or invents a new device to urinate in.

Running around to kids activities, making sure they do loads of homework, worried about their future and their safety, are very stressful on a family.  How you choose to deal with it is what makes things run as smoothly as possible.  As you know, I was home for a while when unemployed, but things were simple then.  No emotions ran wild, and the only stress was not having a job, but being glad that we had what we have.

Nothing has changed, Missy is going to be ok, Junior will get brains sooner or later, and Karen will be able to watch the Oprah Network without crying one of these days.  I don’t know what these hormones do (I know you make them by not paying them), but I am pretty resigned to the fact that it will be this way for a while in our house.  I’m good with that, because none of the issues are dire and can be met with head on.

Bottom line on this, don’t stress the small stuff that does not matter.   Make a casserole, and enjoy life!

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  1. getbzy8

    OOOO – you are gonna get some backlash here. Don’t you understand? When hormones are raging, it ALL matters – even the small stuff. And you better be ok with it, because you have no choice! And you know what – YOU make the cassarole, I quit. : ) Nice try Tom, give us Karen back!!! ; )

  2. ceedoo

    Good Job Tom. It is tough to try and understand a women’s hormone issue. But a pre-teen / teenage girls is a whole new level!!!! From a husband and Dad side, half the battle is to just listen. You can not try to understand it. It sounds like you got the first step right – help to Give Karen a Break and hold on for the crazy ride with little Missy.

  3. Tom King

    For the record, I was the one who made the casserole this week! Thanks for checking in!!!

  4. megryansmom

    You and my husband would be great buddies. First the BJ reference and then the hormone joke. (Don’t pay her) We should double date for dinner sometime.

  5. The Happy Crafter...

    I’m speechless, Tom! Well almost! It is lovely that you are observing these goings on! Most people go thru it not noticing or out shouting the other shouters without understanding the love and patience Karen puts out and the terror, fear, and total confusion that a teen/pre teen feels. YOU R GOOD. Pat on the back, buddy.

  6. ChrisE

    You nailed it, Tom.

  7. lwjb

    and 8th grade is coming. Tomcat – buckle up and put the referee shirt (yep slimming vertical stripes)on. Your life will be hell. Stick with Junior

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