A Heart-to-Heart Between Mother and Son

This conversation took place as I nonchalantly cleaned up stray turds from Junior’s stomach ache…

“Mom, I’m really sorry you have to clean up my poo.”

“It’s no big deal, buddy. I just want you to feel better.”

“Yeah, but mom, no one like to clean up poo.”

“Don’t worry, some day you will be cleaning up my poo when I am really old and senile.”

“I’m not cleaning up your poo! It will be old and have gray hair in it. And corn. Yeah, corn out of a can. Ew. I’m not doing it.”



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  1. JK

    …It’s not like he’s inaccurate…

  2. A Field of Dreams

    What a beautiful moment between mother and son…..

  3. PR

    Too funny! You’ll forget so much when you are older, but you probably won’t ever forget that verbal exchange because it’ll keep you laughing. And he’s right, he won’t be cleaning up your poo. Missy will. No disrespect to your male followers, but its rare to see the guys step up for the real ‘dirty’ work if there is a sister around who can do it. He’s just setting your expectations ahead of time.

  4. Karen

    I don’t know what I am more sad about: having no one to take care of me or eating corn out of a can.

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