Weirded Out Wednesday

I was so excited about starting a Weirded Out Wednesday feature, that I accidentally published one last Friday. Whatta jackass. So much for trying to actually be ahead of the game. Story of my life.

Please email me anything that kinda freaks you out and if it reaches my low standards, I will publish it here. I’ll be happy to link your blog, business or favorite charity website. (karen.mom.mom.mom@gmail.com)

When I saw this in the Sunday paper, I actually flinched:

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  1. Hey Hey Paula

    I’ve seen those ads, too, and they make me feel uncomfortable and I’m not exactly sure why. As Julia would say, “It’s really awkward!”

  2. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

    I love me some Bears but eek, that is just so wrong

  3. ChiIL Mama

    Love the idea of Weirded out Wednesday! Here’s our post over at ChiIL Mama.
    I’ll e-mail it to ya, too, if you’d like to link to it. Enjoy!

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