Yellow Jackets vs. Straight Jackets

Just a quick follow up to let y’all know that I am bee free!

My last-ditch efforts of unloading a bottle of wasp spray into my porch and a bottle of wine into my blood stream did not pay off.  A wasp chewed his way through our wall and was flying around in our basement that was covered in wall-to-wall Lego. Junior was screaming for me to come down to kill it. So I chased that damn pest (the bee, not the kid) around with a rolled up newspaper while stepping on Lego in my bare feet. It would have been less painful to walk on fire.

After my high-speed chase, I logged onto mom-mom-mom’s Facebook page and read this comment:

“Your trap is not going to work. Those are not wasps they are yellow jackets and there may be up to about 3000 of them in that nest. It is going to take some specialized equipment to treat this nest properly. You need a duster and some Seven Dust. And you should like my Wildlife Services page where I give free advice on things like this!” Kevin Lockwood (Click here to Like his FB page  or check out his website.  He helped this damsel in distress!)


I took everyone’s advice and finally broke down and called an exterminator. The fella showed up, looked at all of the crap and traps by my porch and asked, “You didn’t try clogging up the holes, did you? Those yellow jackets can get right inside your house.”

For a split second, I thought about lying because I felt like such a jackass. But I had to come clean -– how else could I explain the SOS pad, wash cloth, dish soap, sticks and insulation foam shoved in every crevice of my porch?

Within five minutes, he was gone — and so were the bees, the wasps, I mean yellow jackets!

PS. Kind of related… Junior dressed as a fly or boob implants gone terribly wrong.

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  1. GiGI

    The thing is, you are not just a blogger to me, I know you so I can picture you doing all this and telling the story in my head. As dangerous as it could have been… I still have to giggle. You crack me up! I think Nordstrom Rack (advertisment) picked up on yellow jacket and not RAID. (Love the picture)

  2. Karen

    Thanks, GiGi! I finally got the courage to clean up all the trash I plotted outside of my house and there is a slew of buzz kill around the SOS pad!

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