What the Hell Died Around Here?

I woke up the other day to an odd smell in the house. It was a cross between a curdled baby bottle and sour soccer feet.

“What the hell died around here?” I muttered as I headed to the coffee maker.

The fact is that the stench could have been escaping from anywhere in my home. I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. I am a woman of irony.

Room by room, I picked up old socks, empty Big Gulp cups, overflowing garbage, candy wrappers, water bottles and hay. Seriously not sure how hay got in the house — maybe a horse took a dump somewhere in the basement because the smell was getting worse.

I scrubbed, mopped and vacuumed for two hours. It wasn’t until I put something away in our storage room that it dawned on me that the fumes were coming from a tiny tin.

Poor Nutmeg, our deceased hamster, was patiently waiting for a proper funeral. For six days.

After the initial wave of guilt, a much happier feeling ran through my body. At least now I could stop cleaning.


Nutmeg’s funeral.  Yes, Missy is wearing a fancy black veil. Fashion is never dead.


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  1. Mark Wisnewski

    Karen, ever consider getting a dog, they are great at eating candy, playing with dirty socks, drinking big gulps and rolling around on dead things (better than GPS location devices)…just a thought.

  2. Mia

    Oh Missy I love the outfit!!!!!!!

  3. Col

    While my heart goes out to Nutmeg & the kids sorrows.. my heart skipped a beat for Missy!! She looks so strong & poetic. Gaga would be proud.

  4. Karen

    Missy gave up her dreams of owning a bulldog after all of the anal gland talk and recently has been asking for a Chihuahua. (Which is essentially a hamster, so maybe we will just stick to that!) Say “Hello” to Spec for me!

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