All Hail to the Commando in Chief!

This flipping heat wave is causing me to sweat in places where I did not know I could sweat.

Here’s how my husband beats the 100+ temps:

Hot Enough for You?

The saddest part? He had no clue how long he was walking around like this.

Was he at Costco? 7-11?

I am secretly hoping it was while he was at Wal-Mart so he can be featured on
the Best Site Ever!


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  1. megryansmom

    Yikes! He should have been wearing your spanx!

  2. Kim Pugliano

    Awesome awesome awesome!

  3. Karen

    Good point! I don’t know how he couldn’t feel a breeze down there. Plus our van has pleather seats!

  4. Karen

    Yes, he’s all mine Kim.

  5. Mark

    lets see what Google Adsense does with this…mens underwear…oh by the way isle 10 in Walmart…

  6. A Field of Dreams

    I just had a snort moment.” Priceless” come to mind too.

  7. Steph

    I know he love to eat at the hospital in the a.m., perhaps he hasn’t recovered?

  8. Mary Wiener

    I’m really trying not to pee myself!!!

  9. Karen

    The worst part is that we have pleather seats in the van — wouldn’t he have felt that searing against his arse? OY!

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