Junior’s 15 Milliseconds of Fame!

Is anyone else freaking out that we are already in July?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am soaking in as much summer with my kids (and gasoline from my van — yes, it still stinks a little) as humanly possible while inadequately balancing work and happy hours.

Anywho, I had to quickly share this little gem…

While Missy was away at Girl Scout camp (post in the works), Junior got to enjoy the good life of an only child. For his special night out, he chose to have one of his best buds join us for dinner and then a walk around out town for Cool Cars and ice cream. It was his little dream come true until I overruled his dinner choice. I just couldn’t suffer though wings, acid reflux and video games.

Yes, sometimes it really is all about me.

We walked by My Favorite Toy Store and a fella outside asked the boys if they would like to test out a new game for a video they are putting up on their website. They stared back at him with blank eight-year-old boy faces. “And you each get a $5 gift card,” he added.

“Yeah! We’ll do it!” and they ran into the store. The fella explained that I had to sign a waiver and that he’s need a verbal okay from the parents of Junior’s buddy.

I called his mom and explained that I need her permission for a young man to videotape our two boys playing a new game with him in the secluded back room of the toy store. And it would be posted all over the internet. Oh, and they each get $5 gift cards. Seeing no harm in this scenario, she also agreed.

(True side story: I once had Junior play with a lighter for a consumer study when he was four. Yes, I pimped him out for $30. No, the thing didn’t really work. At least I am pretty sure it didn’t.)

The fella and the videographer ended up being really nice, funny guys and the boys had a blast doing the video. I am not sure if it was the bright lights or the inner diva, but Junior asked to borrow my sunglasses for the shoot:

Junior's P-p-p-poker Face

The final video includes a few other kids who are cute and engaged, then it cuts to Junior’s big noggin and shades. His friend is the one who is chewing gum to the beat of the music — very impressive!

I dare you to keep a straight face while you watch the video. (It’s under the game Q•bitz, Kid Tested.) They are at the beginning, but really shine about 1:18. (It’s on YouTube, too in case it’s archived on their site.)

The site is called thenewtoy.com and each week it features children’s toys that are new to the mainstream market. According to its Facebook Fan Page, many of the featured toys are environmentally conscious, encourage active play and learning simultaneously, and really fun. You can purchase online with flat rate shipping.

On the Movie Set Before Junior Sent Me Out for a Latte

A few days after the production, we were at our friends’ lake house and they happened to have the game Q•bitz that Junior tried out. He taught the game to everyone and we all ended up playing. It’s pretty addicting and also fun for the adults after a few pops. (It should be used as a sobriety test!) When we got home, we bought the game for ourselves and it’s one of our favorites.

Sound like I am being paid for this? Nope. Being the suave businesswoman that I am, I forgot to mention to the fella that I even had a blog.

I have my own selfish motive: a plea to please support your local small businesses. You might pay a couple of extra dollars, but the personal service and pride of having a vibrant business community are well worth the investment. Like many other small towns, the main street of where my husband grew up became vacant when Walmart moved in. The independent stores just couldn’t compete with the prices.

So, slip on your sunglasses, pack your wallet and wander into town. You never know what you’ll discover. Or if someone will discover you!

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  1. Kim

    AWESOME!! I’m totally going to pick up the game. This kinda shit is EXACTLY what my husband excels at. He has a wooden block made up of something like 12 different shaped pieces that fit together in a whole bunch of different combinations that his dad made when he was a kid and Joe puts the pieces together – different each time – faster than I’ve ever seen. As it IS, Joe never looses a game. Well, maybe Scrabble, but that’s it. I don’t know what it is about him. Card games, board games (kicked our asses in Monopoly), pool, ping-pong, Blockus – he can’t help himself! He will LOVE this game. Updates to follow.

  2. Karen

    You should give him some kind of a handicap with this game so you have a chance to win! Maybe he can only use his feet or something…

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