Bye Bye Blaggo…

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Here is my husband’s attempted interview with Rod today after the guilty verdict. I don’t know how to embed videos, so you will have to click on this link:


(That is Tom yelling “Dirty Rod.”  I am sure that he will be jailed next. What a  nut job. My husband. Well, and Blaggo.)

I also couldn’t help but dig up this post from December about the day I met Blaggo…

Pay to play scandal uncovered at the bleeping reindeer games!

Christmas Card, 2008

True story: back in 1996, I was running late for work. I remember being pretty crabby and possibly a little hung over. As I trudged up the steps to catch the train, there was a fluffy-haired guy in a suit standing at the top of the stairs with a female assistant at his side.

“Good morning,” chirped the peppy gal. “This is Rod Blagojevich and he is running for Congressman of this district.” Then on cue, Blaggo grinned and stuck out his hand to shake mine.

“Oh boy, good for you,” I sarcastically replied as I shook his hand. I took a few steps towards my train and stopped. Yikes, did I say that out loud? Friggin’ Tourette’s. Then I heard a burst of laughter from the two of them and figured out that yes, I obviously did!

Thank you, Rod for not pushing me onto the train tracks that day and paying people off so it appeared to be an accident. And also for providing timely, hilarious material for our Christmas card 12 years later!

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  1. DW

    TK – Is this really how you spend your time now?? I heard the yelling on live tv and believe it or not, I thought…hmmmmm, that sounds like kinger. Why am I not surprised?!?!?!?! I liked the Patty question. You should hook up with TMZ. I think they’d put you to good use!

  2. cdo

    Who let “Hank The Tank” in with the crowd and try to interview Blaggo?

  3. Karen


  4. Karen

    DW, I think this is the first clip of Jackass 4.

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