Three Men and a Baby

I have been blessed with having three incredible fathers in my life who have made me a better parent and person. Happy Daddy’s Day.

My dad,

Dad and me having a smoke | 1967

my husband

Daddy's Little Girl | 2002

Daddy's Little Girl | 2010

and my father-in-law.
Forever in our hearts. We miss you~

Grandpa passing on the twinkle in his eye to Junior | 2002

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  1. GiGI

    Love it!

  2. meg

    *sniff* lovely post, sister.

  3. A Field of Dreams

    Great photos. I get all giggly when I see these old photos of our parents smoking around us.

  4. Mary

    Thanks for the glimpse into your wonderful family…

  5. Karen

    Thanks for all the sweet comments — I am a lucky gal!

  6. Kim

    LOVE! Especially the first one. I have a similar one with my dad and I too. Ahhh…smoking a ciggy with Daddy.

    Good times.

  7. Karen

    I have another baby picture with the two of us and a tall-boy Budweiser. Oh, how I miss the un-PC days!

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