The Mayor of Simpleton

Reason #314 why I love my eight-year-old son…

School assignment: Write a diary entry about something important that happened in your life.

Please add my long-ass email address to your contact list so I don’t end up in your spam folder: karen.mom.mom.mom@gmail.com  Apparently “Mom” raises red flags but “Viagra” does not. Go figure.

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  1. SuziB

    HI Karen, This is Suzi, Megan’s friend here in Dublin. I love-love-love your blog. This entry is completely hilarious. When my sister was about that age she was asked to write a story about something that had happened over the weekend, she decided to tell the story of how she had witnessed a road traffic accident which was quite dramatic. We were very impressed by the descriptions of the scene and how she felt for the people in the accident. However she decided to end the story with the following flourish. “We then went home and got on with our own lives”. It was one of those “Oh she didnt’t just write that / I shouldn’t find this story funny but I do” moments”. Keep up the good work……Suzi

  2. meg

    Love it! Your kids really do write the best essays. And – side note – this post has just prompted me to listen to some XTC… bringing me back many many years!

  3. Kim

    You guys couldn’t even get credit for BUYING the damn thing!! 😉

  4. Dooner

    Fast forward 13 years when he writes his thesis about how he gets free alcohol at the liquor store because his mom goes there every day!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Karen

    THE SuziB?! I have heard lovely things about you from Meg! So glad that you are getting a kick out of my ramblings — I really appreciate it. I think your sister should write a guest post!

  6. Karen

    Oranges and Lemons, sister!

  7. Karen

    I know!!! I almost fell over when this came home. All the time, energy and cash spent on those “important” birthdays, holidays, vacations, outings, sporting events, Halloween costumes, and I am trumped by a free Slurpie!

  8. Karen

    That will go up on the fridge with this gem!

  9. Jill

    HA! It’ll never end, FYI. A few years ago, I went to have lunch with Wade near his work. FREE meal at Chipotle! Wasn’t quite sure what to think of Wade knowing the manager so well.

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