The Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving…

Mother's Day, 2008

I hate to admit it, but I actually flinched when I unwrapped this gift from Junior. Someone replaced my sweet baby boy’s face with a mugshot of a deranged convict.  Three years later, this pot sits proudly in my kitchen and his creepy grin never ceases to make me smile. I wonder if Gary Coleman and Andy Dick’s moms receive the same present…

Have an incredible day!
Chester wiped away his tears and looked interested. “A secret? What kind of secret?”

“It’s called the Kissing hand”, she said.

“The Kissing Hand?”, asked Chester. “What’s that?”

“I’ll show you”. Mrs Racoon took Chester’s hand and kissed right in the middle of his palm.

Chester felt his mother’s kiss rush from his hand, up his arm and into his heart.

Mrs Raccon smiled. “Now whenever you feel lonely and need a little loving from home, just press your hand to your cheek and think. “Mommy loves you” and that very kiss will jump to your face and fill you with toasty warm thoughts”.

Chester loved The Kissing Hand. Now he knew his mother’s love would go with him wherever he went.

The Kissing Hand
– by Audrey Penn

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  1. Patty

    Those pictures are too funny! I bet it does bring a smile to your face daily.
    Happy Mothers Day, Karen!

  2. Not Winning Mom of the Year

    Loved this, and true every body, crazy to convict, has a mom. Thanks for visting the chaos the other day, glad you popped by.

  3. Donna

    Wow, what a great picture! Yes it’s those wonderful kids of ours that could bring us to tears one minute and have us beaming with pride and smiles the next! Hope you enjoyed your day! Now, I’m going to pull out ” The Kissing Hand” for a bedtime book appropriate for he day!

  4. Karen

    Thanks, all! Hope you had a lovely day and a break from: “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Can you get me _____?”

  5. M. Wiener

    Love that Karen. The convicts are still sending those crazy faces as gifts to their moms. That is a serious difference. And oh, boy, thanks for the memories of the Kissing Hand. All my guys went to pre-K through Kindergarten with the kiss.
    See ya!

  6. Peg Kirk

    I just scrolled up again to look at the picture omg friggin HILarious!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing……..looks just like his Dad

    And the Kissing Hand, wow, after Gar died Nora went to school many many days with that kiss on her hand. We actually drew a heart on both our hands it in permanant red marker. It got us both through. ; ) Sarah might have to have one on her hand when I leave her at college in the fall ugh. Except it might be a tattoo lol.

  7. Karen

    I got a little choked up reading the story over again! I am such a sap on Mother’s Day.

  8. Karen

    Peg, you are an amazing mom. What a sweet tribute for Gary’s baby girl to remember him by…

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