Doggone It Already!

As my husband well knows: I am a rehasher. I like to bring up incidents that irked me months ago to prove my point. Over and over and over. Even when a discussion is resolved, I’ll add: “And another thing…”

It is very annoying.

Which brings me to another bulldog post. (Hopefully the last.) I just want to thank you for hanging in there with me on this topic. I have received tons of smart advice, hilarious stories and a supportive email from a friend who has a bulldog and the whole family loves her. The mom AND the dog.

This past week, I have been feeling a little guilt about only showing the downside of bulldog ownership. Especially about the anal glands trump card. (If I am not feeling badly about something, then I am not happy. Special shout out to my 12 years of Catholic schooling.)

So anyway, here’s the latest:

My dog-loving friend Pat emailed me twice after right after she read about my daughter’s latest dog campaign. The first email said, “Go for it, sister!”  with a link to adopt a pet.

Begrudgingly, I open the email and there is a sweet picture of Cranberry the bulldog. Trying to keep an open mind, I scroll down to read more and discover that the poor pup has a congenial defect that leaves her unable to walk. The heartbreaking story goes on and on about how two kind pilots flew Cranberry across the county so she could be cared for by the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue.

Cranberry | Chicago English Bulldog Rescue

From the website:

Her elbows are completely dislocated; the bones in her legs are subsequently bent, swayed and unattached at her ankles. As she grows, the bones have no room to extend as her ankles are also deformed and actually face backwards, so the bones continue to bend and buckle. She can not walk on her front legs, but rather scoots. Her back legs work just perfectly. Plus, she has a little cherry eye, but that is no big deal. We will tack that down in a later surgery.

But her spirit is as spunky as can be! She doesn’t know walking any other way so she scoots, scoots, scoots around the house terrorizing the other older bullies in her foster home! She tries to get them to play; she tugs at their jowls, gives them the puppy growl and otherwise is your typical rowdy young gal! She is so smart that she knows to go on potty pads on command.

Here is Cranberry in action:


I can’t believe what I am reading. Or watching.

My first reaction was my bad habit of nervous giggling: there is no way my friend read this whole thing before she sent it over to me. Really, she would not have chosen this crippled dog to convince me of being a pet owner.

I open Pat’s second email: “I am so sorry I sent you this link… the poor pup is handicapped…. never mind.”

Then I started thinking: maybe this is some sort of sign. (Yes, I was stone sober but also in the throws of PMS.)  I swear, I am not being snarky here, Eileen and I would have the best of both worlds. We could make a difference by adopting Cranberry!

The sweet thing would not need to go out for walks and wouldn’t be able to run away. She couldn’t jump on furniture or travel our stairs to where the rest of the house is carpeted. She’s potty-trained to go on a pee pad. I have plenty of practice changing diapers. And honestly, I’ll be back tending to diapers before we know it. (It’s a race to see who will be wearing Depends first: Tom with irritable bowel syndrome or me after birthing two kids.)

The reality is that we could never have the resources or time to keep up with Cranberry’s medical care. And I am kidding myself that an immobile dog would be less work.

I told Eileen about Cranberry and she was in tears. We decided to contact the Chicago Bulldog Rescue and see how we can volunteer. We also offered to pet-sit our friend’s dog for a test drive. From there, we will see if our family is ready to foster or eventually rescue another type of dog.

Now that is really the best of both worlds.


CEBR could use your help as we take the best possible care of our bullies.  Our 2010 average cost of care (medical only) for bulldogs in our rescue program was $803 per dog! Won’t you please help with a tax-deductible donation?

You can donate online at our secure site at shopcebr.com. We accept all major credit and debit cards and there are several ways that you can contribute:

  • Sign up for our Rescue Angel Pledge Program
  • Make a Memorial Donation Gift
  • Get a Special Occasion Gift Card
  • Make a donation of any size to our general medical fund
  • Donate to our Catastrophic Care Fund for a specific bully in our care (when appicable)

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your check payable to Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and send it to:

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc. NFP
P.O. Box 06470 | Chicago, IL  60606-0470


Be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss a post! Next week will unveil a special series that you might find intriguing.

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  1. Jennifer Ashline

    Before you write off adopting Cranberry don’t forget that they do make little doggie walkers and wheelchairs to help her get around your house better and even play outside 🙂 Wink, wink.
    Don’t hate me.

  2. Maureen McDermott

    The rehashing of old events must be a Gemini thing. I’ve been much better over the years after learning people thought I was a loon for bring up things that they couldn’t even remember.

    Some of these animal stories really tug at your heart. Volunteering would be great for Eileen! Good job. Sorry I didn’t think of telling you about fostering dogs before!

  3. Maureen McDermott

    I just saw Cranberry’s video on petfinder.com. At first I wanted to cry, but watching her scoot…she’s so cute! Tax deductible or not, they’re getting some of my money : )

  4. GiGi

    What time do you want me to drop off Denver for some dog sitting/test run? His legs work great so get your gym shoes on. Poor Cranberry, she sounds like she would be perfect for your family. Sorry to laugh at her story but have you lost your mind?

  5. Karen

    Jen, I creeped on their FB page and found out that she is getting wheels!

    Here’s the update: “She’s doing great! She’ll be getting some “front wheels” soon which will help her get around more easily. This should allow her to sit and rest and this will help support her body which is getting big and heavy. (She’s nearly 30 pounds) By getting her into a more normal dog posture we should also alleviate some of the strain on her back and rear legs, and encourage future strengthening!”

  6. Karen

    I felt the same way. She is so adorable and active — she doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her.

  7. Karen

    GiGi, you know that I have not been playing with a full deck for a loooooooong time! Too much Duhawking…

  8. Ronnie

    Oh, Cranberry is adorable. Now I feel bad about the whole anal gland discussion…

  9. Kate

    Karen, no pressure but a 7th grade art assignment is to sketh your pet or the one you wish you had. Eileen already has her drawings so she is way ahead of the game.http://images.artsonia.com/art/large/13221888.jpg. Here is a link for Ellen’s sketch of Rosie. She looks innocent and cute in a setch.

  10. Karen

    You would never know about Rosie’s dark side from that drawing! I hope Eilen got an A.

    I’m sending Eileen to a different school in 7th grade. The other night, she and her friend put on a skit titled (I shit you not): Eileen Wants a Dog but Her Mom Won’t Let Her Have One.

  11. Connie

    Big follower of your blog, lots of your articles have definitely helped me out. Looking towards up-dates!

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