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Stinking it up @ mom-mom-mom!

It was about a year ago that my young, hip coworker told me, “You should write a blog” after kindly listening to my 325th ridiculous story about my family. Trying to not sound as out of touch with pop culture than I really am, I coolly replied, “Yeah, I know, right? Oh snap. What the hell is a blog?” She explained how Dooce wrote stories about her kids, took pictures of her dogs and a gazillion people follow her. Now she is one rich mother blogger.

Easy enough! I have plenty of material and a couple of hamsters.

I hemmed and hawed, threw the idea out to a few close friends, read, researched, excessively stalked other blogs, wrote, rewrote, deleted and finally launched this site on September 9, 2010. (It’s deceiving, because I backdated some older stories so it had a little meat when I birthed it.)

In the past seven months, I have been humbled by how the readership has spread like an STD on the Jersey Shore.  Since I don’t really understand Search Engine Optimization or how to properly pimp myself out, my main readership has grown simply by people telling two friends, then they told two friends, and before you know it, I am a Faberge shampoo commercial!

I can’t thank you enough, dear readers. I still don’t really know what I am doing, but I am trying to learn from my very public mistakes.

1) Selling your soul does not pay.
I am not trying to cover the mortgage with this blog, but a little guilt-free slush fund for shoes, Target and Bunco would be nice. That’s why there are promos running on the sidebar. Unfortunately, when your content is based on poop, puke, detox, kidney stones, pube waxing and calling the police on yourself, Google will post some crazy-ass ads.

It’s really not Google’s fault. Even though they know our every move and dominate the world, the ads are matched to my site based on the words in my post.  A blogger only makes money if someone clicks on the ads or has an insane amount of page views.

Needless to say, writing about my two cents is earning about three pennies a day by running these ads:

I don’t mind. Often the ads are funnier than the stuff I write about.
More ridiculous ads>>

2) Do not make a reference about another blogger because she just might be reading and then you will feel like a real douchebag.

(Wonder what ads will pull in for “douche?” Vinegar and oil salad dressing?)

In November, I was fortunate to have one of my posts featured on BlogHer, the chick blog mecca of the universe. I wrote about how upset my son was about one of the stories I posted on my blog. I did a follow-up post on my own little blog about the experience and mentioned that I seemed to bug one blogger who was above my intelligence level. Well, good for her — she found the post on my blog and called me out:

Mighty awkward.

3) I am so many things to so many people.
Google analytics tracks every click, hometown and bathroom habit of all the visitors who come to this site – and every other site for that matter. You can even see what search terms people are using to find your site.  It’s amazing, voyeuristic  and downright creepy at same time.

Needless to say, the searches that match up for mom-mom-mom are less than flattering. These are actual searches that were used to click through to this site:

Faking sick*rectal
My goiter
Beavis and butthead pepto
Husband puking
Jockstrap mom
Kidney stones are bullshit
Mom ass in bath
Pee Pee tube for kids
Vomit pile
True mom naked
Trombone mommy

Sadly, I’ve been called worse!


If you’re not already a subscriber, please add yourself to the email or RSS feed list. There is some interesting stuff in store that you won’t want to miss. (Perhaps of me waxing my ass in the tub while wearing a jock strap on my goiter.)  Stay tuned!

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  1. A Field of Dreams

    You rock! I think I found you whilst googling “spots on vag”, or something like that.

  2. meg

    damn I wonder how the “mom ass in bath” and “true mom naked” people felt when they landed on mom-mom-mom? Though “momwaxmyass” probably got what they deserved.

  3. Holly Taylor

    Will definatly add my name for subscriptions. You are super funny and I love your blog. Love the ads! I am espcially interested in “Got Vomit’ as I “got” a lot of that at my house!

    Congrats on your blog!

  4. Karen

    EW! But hilarious!

  5. Karen

    Glad that you found me! Hope it wasn’t from a “douchbag” search…

  6. Karen

    Hmmmmmm, maybe if I gave “ass in bath” and “naked mom” what they wanted, they will click on the Got Vomit ad! I do love that this article pulled spots for Women Low Self Esteem, Need Positive Thinking and Workplace Assertiveness.

  7. Dooner

    Your blog is like a ray of sunshine that brightens my morning everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. GiGi

    I’m with Dooner! The ads are great. The advertisers probably love your blog as well.

  9. Maria

    You blog is fantastic!! It always gives me a good laugh! See even us extremely intelligent people love it.

  10. Karen

    Thanks, gals!

  11. Connie

    Well I am not very funny but I am a mother of 4 and in college. I actually found your blog from being forced in a class to create my own blog. I’m not good at this blogging stuff at all. You have given me hope…:)

  12. Karen

    Glad you found me, Connie! Kudos to you for going back to school after 4 kids. Motherhood has taken away so many of my brains cells, I don’t know how you do it. As for the blog: just write like you are BSing with your gal pals. The more you think, the harder it is.

  13. ChimMomWriter

    Love this post – I’m just getting into the whole blogosphere (well, at least in terms of trying to figure out how to gain readership), and I have a feeling looking at the google analytics list of search terms may become one of my favorite activities!

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