So, a Skunk, a Turd and a Pile of Vomit Walk into a Bar…

I need some advice here, people. How on earth do you lecture your son (with a straight face) about what is appropriate content for school work when he brings this home in his folder:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stinkiest one of all? A skunk, a turd or pile of projectile vomit?

I have to admit that he did redeem himself on the same assignment by creating this thoughtful portrait series of his mother:

Sending prayers, positive thoughts and strength to my gal pals who
are going through some really stinky shite right now.


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  1. Patty

    OMG- those pictures are so funny! You must be beaming with pride. I want to know which teacher put the lovely comment, was this this year or last year?

    1. Karen

      Yes, I put a gold star on this gem because I was so proud! My A+ student brought this home last week. His teacher is a saint.

  2. meg

    He’s a comparative adjective genius!

    1. Karen

      My friend’s mom who is a teacher also said he’s a genius! I am thinking more along the lines of smart ass.

  3. A Field of Dreams

    Love it! At least your kid is original and doesn’t follow politically correct protocols like the other sheep. I can’t wait till my kid goes to school.

    1. Karen

      Thanks, that’s one way of looking at it! All I could think of was a Fast Pass to the principal’s office…

  4. Kate

    Drunk? drunker? drunkest?

    1. Karen

      Yes! Then we can go right back to that projectile vomit drawing!

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