So, a Skunk, a Turd and a Pile of Vomit Walk into a Bar…

I need some advice here, people. How on earth do you lecture your son (with a straight face) about what is appropriate content for school work when he brings this home in his folder:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stinkiest one of all? A skunk, a turd or pile of projectile vomit?

I have to admit that he did redeem himself on the same assignment by creating this thoughtful portrait series of his mother:

Sending prayers, positive thoughts and strength to my gal pals who
are going through some really stinky shite right now.


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  1. Patty

    OMG- those pictures are so funny! You must be beaming with pride. I want to know which teacher put the lovely comment, was this this year or last year?

  2. Karen

    Yes, I put a gold star on this gem because I was so proud! My A+ student brought this home last week. His teacher is a saint.

  3. meg

    He’s a comparative adjective genius!

  4. A Field of Dreams

    Love it! At least your kid is original and doesn’t follow politically correct protocols like the other sheep. I can’t wait till my kid goes to school.

  5. Kate

    Drunk? drunker? drunkest?

  6. Karen

    Yes! Then we can go right back to that projectile vomit drawing!

  7. Karen

    My friend’s mom who is a teacher also said he’s a genius! I am thinking more along the lines of smart ass.

  8. Karen

    Thanks, that’s one way of looking at it! All I could think of was a Fast Pass to the principal’s office…

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