From the Funny Folder

I recently came across my cleverly named “Funny Folder” where I half-assed threw in a bunch of random scans and photos that made me snort-laugh. Well, I couldn’t think of a better time to unearth those files than right now.

Here is an entry from Eileen’s 1st grade school journal:

“My weekend: I got sick. My dad is out of town. My brother keeps wetting himself. We went to Target. Aidan got underwear. I got a swimsuit cover-up.”


Thank goodness Eileen’s teacher had a sense of humor…



Here is Aidan’s journal from Kindergarten describing his family. I’m pretty sure this was written while Eileen had mono. And I am positive that I am the one with the hair standing straight up.

“My sister is sick. My mom and my dad is good. Don’t forget about me! I’m doing pretty good.”


Believe it or not, I used to be a Religious Education teacher. After 12 years of Catholic-school education, the only grade that I was qualified to teach was Kindergarten. During our first class, we talked about how we are God’s children and all one big happy family. Each child was then to create a self-portrait that we would hang across the room. Our sweetest, shyest student proudly handed his project in at the end of class:

Nice belly button

Needless to say, I had to resign from teaching RE when the children started learning, “Jesus Christ!” and  “God Dammit!”

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  1. kim

    I have a bucket filled with similar stuff. It’s my favorite bucket. Those things crack.me.up. Sooooo funny.

  2. Karen

    Yes! Every once in a while, we need to reach into that bucket, folder, (cookie jar) to make ourselves laugh!

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