Behind the Scenes: Dancing with the Stars

As I mentioned in my last post, I couldn’t find the outtakes of the 2005 Christmas card which are funnier than the card itself. I frantically searched two computers, looked up old Shutterfly/Walgreens/Walmart accounts and even called Costco to see if they stole my online images. Well, turns out that I am a jackass and the card is actually from 2006.  Maybe St. Nick will leave a fresh, nimble brain in my stocking.

Anyway, Aidan was such a trooper while we were shooting for this card until the itchy combination of his polyester get-up and Eileen’s dress caused a complete meltdown. (His torment also ended up being the perfect shot!) Not sure what is funnier in this slideshow: the step-by-step process of Aidan losing his mind or Eileen being completely oblivious to it all.

“Dancing with the Stars Photo Shoot”
(I promise — no Palin or Hasselhoff!)


The original idea for the 2006 card...

Christmas Card, 2006

In case you missed any, here are more cards from the past:
2003-2005 (which is really 2006)



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  1. Lisa M.

    Does Eileen even know Aidan is standing there?! That is so funny.

  2. Mary Kay

    Hysterical Karen! Hope you’re working on 2010!

  3. Ginger

    I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a really, Really long time! Awesome!

  4. Karen

    Yes, my Diva is quite talented at completely blocking out her brother so she can have the spotlight!

  5. Karen

    Thank you! Finally took the pix for 2010’s last night and Aidan ended up in tears again. And I am out about $30 in bribes.

  6. Bridget

    That is great. The slide show is the perfect way to watch the meltdown progress.

  7. Kim

    HILARIOUS! I especially like the one where Eileen is doing the finger-gun. And the one where Aidan has slid down onto his back on the ground. Eileen is a total pro! It’s like she doesn’t even know Aidan’s there!!

  8. Anne

    That is such a cute picture!
    Happy Holidays!

  9. AmazingGreis

    Love your card! Have a great holiday!

  10. Karen

    Thanks, Kim! I am with you — the finger gun is just crazy funny. Happy holidays~

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