Reindeer Games

Here’s the next installment of my insane chase for a clever Christmas card. We ended up type-casting our kids as reindeer in 2003 and have at least eight sets of antlers that I keep losing and repurchasing. The lost sets appear in June then vanish by December.

Vixen and Rudolph put on their reindeer-game faces.

Christmas Card, 2003

Runner-up, 2003

Bloopers, 2003

Bloopers, 2003

Bloopers, 2003

Bloopers, 2003


Prancer Gives Vixen an Extreme Makeover

Christmas Card, 2004


The outtakes of our 2005 card are better than the card itself! I am losing my mind trying to find those pictures because I know that I just came across them somewhere on the computer. They will show up in June. ARG!

Anyway, Aidan was such a good sport when we started taking the first 4689 shots, but ended up melting down over a wardrobe malfunction. “Eileen’s dress is too itchy!” (I’m sure his polyester atrocity wasn’t exactly comfortable.) His hatred towards the camera and me completely made the card! Another proud momma moment he will work out in therapy.

Prancer loses to Vixen on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Christmas Card, 2005

For more cards from the Ghosts of Christmas Past…


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  1. MLK

    This is one of my favorites I love all your Christmas cards.
    Always look forward to them.

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