The Ghost of Christmas Cards Past: The Sweet Attempts

Christmas, 2000

Now here’s a great idea! Take a 5-month old, have her pose naked on a floor during December in the Midwest and expect her to smile. Thanks to my talented photographer friend Angel, we pulled off the shot. Unfortunately with all of that excitement, Eileen did pee on the rug. Don’t eat the yellow snow!


Happy Holidays from the Most Famous Reindeer of All!

Christmas, 2001


And I thought getting one kid to look at the camera with her eyes open was tricky. Along came Aidan and a whole new game. All I had to do was throw them on the floor in their PJs and have them look angelic. How hard can that be?

Take 1: Smell my pit

Take 15: palming a basketball head

Take 32: someone filled his diaper

Settling down for a long winter’s nap: priceless.

The Winner: Christmas, 2002

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  1. Meg

    Now I want to cry. they were so little.

  2. Kathy McCormick

    I need to get on your Christmas card list!! And back in the day when our kids were little..(early 90s) there were no digital cameras..so we took rolls of film and PRAYED we had 1 we could use!!

  3. Karen

    I know. Even Blueberry Blankie was in one piece.

  4. Karen

    Yes, thank goodness for digital cameras! We still take way too many shots while screaming at them to look happy. Such a wonderful family tradition!

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