We’re Going to be on HGTV!

For a few years, some of our neighborhood dads would team up and help each other hang Christmas lights. The moms would provide beer at each stop and then we’d all meet up at the end for more spirits and pizza. This is what happened when we left early to go to another commitment…

November, 2006

Hello Neighbors!

You may have noticed a lot of commotion in front of our house last night — the crew from Martha Stewart’s new TV show were filming right here on our quiet street!

She’s doing a new series where she “punks” unsuspecting homeowners using their favorite past-times as inspiration. Well, she hit the nail on the head for us: a winter wonderland beer garden! Sorry, we don’t mean to brag, but we can’t help but share the photos from our incredible home makeover.

You can see that she really used her time wisely while in prison to create trash into treasures that will be handed down for generations. (Eileen and Aidan are already fighting over Homeless Snowman!) Bravo, Martha — your resourcefulness has reached new heights!

Martha prepares for the ambush!

The set-up: Tom and Karen are downtown with a group of friends while Martha and her elves transform their ordinary cape cod into the envy the neighborhood. (Toilet paper snowflakes = a good thing.)

Just as breathtaking in daylight.

Fa-la-la-la-la Flamingo adds a touch of whimsy while the rotting pumpkin drips on our heads. Adorable!

Martha did her homework to incorporate Tom’s love of basketball and taking out the garbage. A touch of class!

Homeless Frosty is so lifelike, that he begs for change every time we enter the house! A welcome addition to the family.

It’s all about the details: glittering gutter garland. Gorgeous!

Look closely at how she incorporates her
famous lattice pie into the tires of our car!

Check out these clever candelabras — you saw them here first!

Who says that Blitzen should just be a reindeer name? This sauced scarecrow knows that holiday cheer is all about the beer!

Thank you, Martha, for decking our halls (and walls, and trees, and sidewalk, and lawn, and roof, and car, and…)

We love our Winter Wonderland Beer Garden!

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