And Now a Word from Our Pilgrim…

2006 | Aidan’s Thanksgiving Project from Preschool Religious Education.

Thank you, God, for hot dogs!

2010 | Aidan’s 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Writing Assignment

Today I am especially grateful that DCFS has not knocked on my door (yet)
and that my friend Jess took it upon herself to design
my website’s new Freak Show banner!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends. Thank you for reading~

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  1. Donna

    Love the new banner! Happy Turkey Day to all of you.

    1. Karen

      I love it, too! It was a Thanksgiving surprise in my email today from my talented friend Jess. (She was also the one who told me to write a blog before I knew what the hell a blog was. And Stacy encouraged/forced me to make it happen. Thankful for great friends!) Enjoy your family today~

  2. Kim

    Dear Aidan~

    Sucks to be you because Eminem will be joining US this year and he’s bringing Lady Gaga as his date. Maybe next year.


    1. Karen

      Hopefully Gaga will wear her meat dress and you won’t have to cook!

  3. laurie

    Aiden is too funny! i am glad DCFS has not knocked on your door yet too-how would I get my laughs if your kids were taken away! have a great thanksgiving


    1. Karen

      Yes, I am thankful that my kids are as wacked out as their parents. Happy Thanksgiving to your fam!

  4. Kathy Swezy

    Yeah, maybe if Lady GaGa and Kanye West came to Thanksgiving I could learn how to make millions of dollars and find a job with relatively no talent. That would make me thankful. Great blog, Karen. Love it!!!

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