And Now a Word from Our Pilgrim…

2006 | Aidan’s Thanksgiving Project from Preschool Religious Education.

Thank you, God, for hot dogs!

2010 | Aidan’s 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Writing Assignment

Today I am especially grateful that DCFS has not knocked on my door (yet)
and that my friend Jess took it upon herself to design
my website’s new Freak Show banner!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends. Thank you for reading~

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  1. Donna

    Love the new banner! Happy Turkey Day to all of you.

  2. Kim

    Dear Aidan~

    Sucks to be you because Eminem will be joining US this year and he’s bringing Lady Gaga as his date. Maybe next year.


  3. laurie

    Aiden is too funny! i am glad DCFS has not knocked on your door yet too-how would I get my laughs if your kids were taken away! have a great thanksgiving


  4. Karen

    Hopefully Gaga will wear her meat dress and you won’t have to cook!

  5. Karen

    Yes, I am thankful that my kids are as wacked out as their parents. Happy Thanksgiving to your fam!

  6. Karen

    I love it, too! It was a Thanksgiving surprise in my email today from my talented friend Jess. (She was also the one who told me to write a blog before I knew what the hell a blog was. And Stacy encouraged/forced me to make it happen. Thankful for great friends!) Enjoy your family today~

  7. Kathy Swezy

    Yeah, maybe if Lady GaGa and Kanye West came to Thanksgiving I could learn how to make millions of dollars and find a job with relatively no talent. That would make me thankful. Great blog, Karen. Love it!!!

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