If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on It

I know that it might seem that our family life is always full of love, laughter and laundry. Truth be told, poor Tom will do something that will get on my last possible nerve and I will temporarily lose my mind. (Ironically, this happens around the same time every month.) The meltdown includes loud sighs, eye rolling and rehashing leftover bitterness from 4 months ago. Then I force an apology out of him. If it doesn’t seem sincere enough, I start all over until I deem the Sorry worthy enough to shut me up.

Tom is not a fighter. He would rather go to bed and forget the whole thing. I remember being in total shock when we were newlyweds how he could easily walk away and shut ‘er down in the middle of a heated “discussion.”

“Dear Abby says that you should never go to bed angry!” I shrieked.

“Well, Dear Abby was never married to you!” was his response. Touché. (But seriously, how much easier would it be if every mom had a wife? I would never argue with Dear Abby because she would actually notice AND clean the pee around the toilet, all while dispensing witty comebacks.)

Fourteen years later, I still start the bickering, but try hard to shut my pie hole in front of the kids. But every once in a while, my loud mouth seeps through closed doors and the kids know what’s up. During one PMS rant, the kids overheard a stupid argument that took place in another room.

“We heard you,” scolded Eileen. “And now Aidan is afraid that you are getting divorced.”

The Bad Mom guilt sinks in, so I backtrack and attempt to comfort them with three truths.

“Dad and I will never get a divorce because:
1) We love each other very much.
2) We love our family very much and being all together means the world to us.
3) No one else would want to marry us.”

“I don’t know about that one, mom,” replies Eileen. “Dad really has a way with the ladies!”

Thanks, kid.

So what do you think, ladies? Click on the links below to view his Match.com profile:

Favorite food»
Health History»
Domestic Duties»

Zoolander bidding farewell to his 1st car, Old Black

(Yes, I did run this by my significant other before posting. No, I am not craving chocolate.)

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  1. meg

    Ha! did you see the Modern Family when Luke thinks Phil and Claire and getting divorced and he immediately picks to live with Phil? I just saw it last night. Luke always reminds me of Aidan. Cute, sweet, not particularly bright. But so cute and sweet.

  2. Marta

    Karen, one of my favorite yet, I can’t stop laughing 😉 Great picture of Tom, you go boy!.

  3. Jill

    Congrats on upgrading to such a classy ad, Karen! I would have thought Tampax, but it’s Zales! Who woulda thought?!


  4. Donna

    Great blog! I’m sure it’s wonderful therapy too! I was a friend of Tom in college so I really enjoyed the picture!! I’ll be back to read more! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Chris

    I’m truly enjoying your posts…I can picture you telling the story in your Karen way! Excellent. BTW, I did look it up and many of the car bombings in Belfast were 30 days apart…..just saying….

  6. Karen

    Thanks for all your comments! There is an autographed copy of that picture floating around my family. It shows up every Christmas during our White Elephant exchange! (Has anyone else noticed the ads on this page for DNA testing and teen boarding school? Maybe Google is trying to get me a guest spot on the Montel show!)
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone~

  7. Mia

    WOW!!!!! Karen, you are in fact the luckiest woman on Earth and yes Eileen he has quite a way with the ladies. If it wasn’t for my hunky husband Pete I know I’d be looking for a shot at the title!! Can’t wait to hear about the King Thanksgiving!! XXOO

  8. laurie

    karen this is too funny! i was having the worst day but this definitely made me laugh! the ads popping up on my computer are for parenting help and marriage counseling! too funny! well keep posting–love to read what the kings are up to!

  9. Peg

    You know, I looked at this picture and the first thing that came to mind is that song “Amazing”……..”the whole world stops and stares for a while, Dude you’re amazinggggg just the way you are”. LOL : )

    I always look forward to your new posts, Karen.

    Thanks for making me smile. : )

  10. Tara

    Love it! Thanks for the chuckle and I’m not talking about the photo. The Kinger looks hot!

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