“MOOOOOOM!!!!!,” I hear from the other room, “Aidan has camel toe!”

I don’t even want to know.

1) Did he figured out how to tuck his privates into his arse? (Silence of the Lambs)

2) Where the hell did Eileen learn that phrase? Probably Tom letting them watch Family Guy again.

I take a deep breath, enter the room and find Aidan innocently wearing my flip-flops with socks.
Shame on me!

Camel Toes

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  1. Nancy


  2. Ray

    What’s camel toe?

  3. Sparky

    Just when you thought you were over the…..hump.

  4. stacking

    Hey Sparky, I bet Jim Donahue wishes he didn’t pass me up! He could have been living the good life over here!

  5. blindboygrunt

    Wow, the most exciting perspective I’ve seen on child rearing in 10 years…go forth and prosper mom-mom-mom
    when are the t-shirts coming out?

  6. stacking

    Aw, shucks! Thanks for the vote of confidence. (Shirts = more laundry. EEKS!) Maybe I’ll whip something up for you with the old glue gun and Sharpie…

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