I forgot to send Eileen to school today.

Basically, I have to blame my math skills. It was a two-hour late start because of the snow and I had it in my head that they start at 11. Plus Aidan has been home all week sick, so I think I’m just used to having an ongoing kid freak show. Then the cable guy came over, fixed the TV and blew out my internet. So I was on the phone getting that fixed so I could work. Hung up with them and the school office called.

“Hello Mrs. King, did you forget to call in?” says nice school person.

“Um, no, I thought I let you know that Aidan will be out all week.” (Proud for being so proactive.)

“Well, we are calling about Eileen. She is not at school.”

“I am such a jackass. I did the math wrong. I will be right over. Did anyone else forget to send their kid with this late start?”

“No, you’re the only one.”

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